Here’s some Motivation to get you Moving on Monday!

by Kris Chick

Today is February 1st and that means Valentine’s Day is coming up. To me February is all about Love but more than just romantic love, it’s about loving ourselves and our family and friends enough to take care of ourselves and make our own health a priority.

All of us have that moment in life, that “Ah Ha” moment when we just know that we have to make a change. A change in our lifestyle, our diet, our exercise. It’s different for all of us and it can happen at a different time for everyone. But once you have that moment you won’t forget it!

For me it was about 11 years ago. I had always been very active as a child, playing outside, riding my bike, swimming, and taking dance classes. I danced all the way through college but once graduating I started working and thus began my life of sitting at a desk for most of the day. Life got busy and I stopped dancing. I knew nothing about nutrition and eating healthy foods so as I approached my late 20’s I became sedentary and started to gain weight little by little.

Then I got married in my early 30’s and had my daughter. I gained a bit of weight with my pregnancy that just never left me. And now I was really busy with a baby and a new family! I didn’t have time to exercise.

Then I got divorced and I was stressed and a single mom. I had smoked cigarettes before my daughter was born so I started smoking again. I was working long hours and eating anything I could make easily or drive thru to pickup. The weight kept creeping up.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Are you nodding your head and thinking “yup, this happened to me!”  It’s not an unfamiliar story. Many of us are still living this story. Stressed, kids, divorces, no time.

But the reality is that we need to – no HAVE TO – take the time to care for ourselves or else we are going to be sick. And all that time we spent doing something else other than taking care of ourselves we are going to end up spending being sick and going to doctors and taking medication. Think that gym membership is too expensive? Then think about the cost of doctor’s and medications and hospital bills when we get sick because we didn’t take care of ourselves when we had the chance!

Back to my “Ah Ha” moment – so it happened to me one day as I was stuffing cake into my mouth, as I looked over at my mother, who had never taken care of herself and at 74 years old was living with a very poor quality of life. No energy, never feeling well, diabetes, heart disease, surgeries, medications and doctors visits and hospital stays. It HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS! I didn’t want to end up that way! I wanted to be like my daughters other grandparents who had always been active. At 75 they were riding their bikes to take Yoga at the Y.

That’s when I put the cake down, got off the couch and started at the Y. That led me to quitting smoking and losing weight and then to becoming an instructor and finally opening Brickhouse!

I will never forget that “Ah Ha” moment – have you had an “Ah Ha” moment? If you have share that moment with us in the comments on our Facebook page!

During this time of year we set goals and look forward to achieving them. Don’t let your motivation die!


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