For the 45% of us that usually set New Year’s Resolutions we sometimes find it hard to stick with them and by a couple of weeks or months we are back into our same old, comfortable rut. BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way. If we really and truly want to make a change in our life, whatever it may be, we can make those resolutions stick!

Here’s How!

Set Short Term Goals: Let’s set a goal for just January then check in at the end of the month and see where you are. Then you can plan on what you want to do in February. So instead of saying “I want to lose 50 pounds” plan on “Lose 5 lbs in January”… then in February you can work on your next 5 lbs

Write down your goals and share them with a friend (or two): Head on over to the Brickhouse Cardio Facebook Page and tell us your Goals for this upcoming year. We’ll even help hold you accountable and help you achieve them! You can even contact us and we will sit down and help you create a plan for you. Stop by the desk at the studio, email me or message me on Facebook. We’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Create momentum: It’s the snowball effect. You ever make a list of things to do and start knocking them off the list one by one? You feel great! You can do this. Set one goal to attend a new class once a week… or to add 2 more lbs to your weights. Little goals really start to add up and as you see yourself succeeding you want more!

Pick your game-changer: What’s really going to help you? What’s one thing you could accomplish that would make or break a successful outcome? Focus your time and energy on this aspect of your goal. Need help figuring that out? We can do that!

Get some skin in the game: This can mean a lot of different things to many people. Maybe it’s signing up for that gym you’ve been wanting to join for a while. Maybe it’s signing up for that Grit™ Series. Whatever it is, make a real investment in yourself. This article’s author has a great way to get some skin in her game!

Nudge yourself: Set up reminders for yourself about your goals. We can even help you out at the studio. When you’ve got others helping you out you are much more likely to succeed in accomplishing your goals!

We really do want to help you achieve all your goals and make 2016 The Year of You! Stop by the desk, talk to Kris, email, message – whatever it takes. We can create a personalized plan just for you, based on your goals, and give you the support that you need. You don’t get that anywhere else!

Check out this cool Infographic about New Year’s Resolutions!

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