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Winter Workout Tips to Keep You Motivated
Let’s face it, winter is coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. So we can either let it beat us or we can conquer it! So how can you stay motivated when it gets cold and all you want to do is lie in bed under a warm blanket and hibernate?
1. Make an Investment
     You can invest in warm weather gear of you’re the outdoor type, or perhaps finally take the plunge and get that studio membership you’ve been thinking about. Or maybe sign-up for some personal training sessions.  When you put your money where your mouth is you tend to follow thru more!
2. Make the Season Work for You
   One tip in the article link below is to plan on active outing for every holiday celebration. Go hit the zoo, plan a hike, or just some on out for classes at the studio!
3. Take Stock of your Exercise Routine
     List the reasons you have for prioritizing exercise, and think about everything you’ve achieved in 2015. How are you going to keep it going or take it up a notch in 2016?
4. Think Ahead
     What are your Spring and Summer Goals? Are you going to ride in Pelotonia? Run a Marathon? Get ready for a Spring Break or Summer Vacation? 
5. Get Back to Basics
     Identify what you want to work on and focus on that.  Want to get stronger? Bodypump! Want more endurance? Insanity or Cycling! Want to have fun when working out? Zumba! And we have so much more too!
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