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“Well I would have, but __________.”

“If it wasn’t for ______________, I woulda made it!”

“I’m sorry, but it wasn’t my fault, because of _____________.”

We all do it.


It’s like making excuses is part of our DNA if we’re not careful about it.  Think about all of the excuses we tell ourselves when it comes to getting healthy:

  • I have horrible genetics and that’s why I’m overweight/unhealthy.
  • I would have no problem eating better if I didn’t have this sweet tooth.
  • I’m really busy all the time and I don’t have time to exercise, must be nice for the rest of you.

These excuses aren’t just limited to our health either – think about the excuses we make when things go wrong at work:

  • I would have had the presentation done in time but the server crashed.
  • I would have completed the report but the copier ran out of ink.
  • I would have showed up to the meeting on time but I was stuck in traffic.

This is what our bosses really hear:

  • I didn’t get my work done.
  • I waited until the last minute to finish my work and now I’m blaming technology.
  • I was running late this morning so I’m blaming traffic.

Yup, in each of the situations above, things went wrong.  However, in each of the situations above, we’re quick to point out the final issue rather than the personal decisions that lead to trouble too.

It’s hard to admit to ourselves we could be doing something better, but it’s the first step to a more fulfilling and leveled-up life.


“You can make excuses, or you can get what you want, but not both.”


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