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This week in Brickhouse Bloggin’ we’re pleased to present you with a new feature bringing you the dazzling faces and facts of YOU – the stars of Brickhouse Cardio Club Gahanna. Enjoy…

Spotlight on our Members!!
Heather tried her first group fitness class while working at a gym, and she has been hooked on Zumba ever since. It remains one of her favorite types of group fitness along with hip hop and boxing classes. Motivation is key for Heather, and these high energy classes are exactly her style.

HeatherExercising in a group fitness class is important to her because she feels that it keeps her accountable to not others but herself as well. Additionally, Heather enjoys the competitive aspects of working out with a group. She likes to see who can make it to the most amount of Zumba classes each week! This chick means business about being competitive. She likes to feel good about her accomplishments as she goes into work at Tim Horton’s and brags about being sore from how much she challenged herself the night before in CXWORX. She gets excited just outdoing herself! Talk about some inspiration.

When she isn’t busy breaking a sweat in one of the two studios at Brickhouse Cardio Club, she makes sure she allows for some “Heather” time by taking in all that life has to offer her. It might be finding some fun going out with friends, dancing, singing, or just relaxing at home, but she loves life. One thing she absolutely has a healthy respect for is napping and doesn’t understand why it isn’t as normal as eating lunch. For what it’s worth Heather, I happen to agree with you and am a big supporter of cots in the workplace.

Fun, Fast Facts about Heather:
If she could be an animal – “I would be a kangaroo because they hop around all day like little goofballs…and they have a pouch, which is the animal equivalent of a purse!! Storage.”

If she could be a flower – “I would be a rose because they have thorns and I wouldn’t want people to touch my beautiful self!”

If she could be a car – “I would be a pickup truck because I think they are cool!”

When asked about her favorite thing about her membership at Brickhouse Cardio Club Gahanna she had an awesome response that everyone at Brickhouse believes. Thanks Heather for helping other people’s dreams come true.
“I think my favorite part about working out at Brickhouse would be that there are classes…and options EVERYDAY! I really like how friendly the instructors and other members are. The goal was to create a community atmosphere, and I think that is a reality.”

I like to call Tammy a convert. A convert is someone who has been taking group fitness and exercise classes with Kris Chick for a while and made the loyal decision to follow her when she took the brave step of realizing her dreams of opening up her own fitness studio. You can read more about that under “Inside Brickhouse.”Tammy

A few years back Tammy decided, like many Americans do every year, that it was time to lose some weight. She wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but after hearing great things about Zumba, including what a calorie burning fest it could be, she was interested in trying a class. Dancing was something she had always enjoyed so Zumba seemed like a great first step for her into the exercise world. Tammy has stuck with it for years and still loves it every time she goes to class and steps on that floor. Keep gettin’ down and gettin’ your Zumba on Tammy!

Tammy was very successful with her endeavor to drop some weight and live a healthier life style. She conquered some health obstacles in her way and has kept on track. Life can be hard, frustrating, and some days down right almost impossible to get through. Tammy knows this, and she says knowing that others at Brickhouse struggle daily with what life throws at them too helps keep her motivated and accountable. If other people can have a bad day or overcome their challenges then she feels that she can get past little things and get to Brickhouse and make it through a Piloxing, a Les Mills BODYPUMP, or Zumba class. Sometimes we all need a little support.

Not all of her time is spent working out though. She is in a long term relationship and has two boys at home, Jimmy (18) and Charlie (16). Two other children from her first marriage with her now deceased husband, David and Ashley, along with five grandchildren, round out her family. She spends her days managing a townhome complex. When she finds herself with some downtime, she loves to spend it with her grandchildren. Going and watching their activities and being their cheerleader is a favorite activity.

Fun, Fast Facts about Tammy:
If she could be an animal – “I would love to be a bird because they can just fly and be free.”

If she could be a flower – “I would be a daisy because they are my favorite flower.”

If she could be a car – “I would have to be an SUV because I feel like I am pretty tough.”

When asked what her favorite part about her membership is at Brickhouse Tammy had great things to say about our instructors.
“I love working out at Brickhouse because they are very warm and friendly. The Instructors are all very well educated on the exercise class that they teach and will discuss it with you if you have any questions.”

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