Spotlight on our Members – Jessica!

By Nikki Lewis

Brickhouse Bloggin’ is pleased to present you with another round of Spotlight on Our Members, a feature bringing you the dazzling faces and facts of YOU – the stars of Brickhouse Cardio Club Gahanna. Enjoy…

11102632_1073798555968899_4106687048761287569_n Spotlight on Jessica

Jessica has always been a big fan of Zumba and loved that she felt like going to class was like being with family.  When  her old gym closed, she checked out Brickhouse Cardio Club.  She had found her new Zumba family.

Jessica loves all the group fitness classes that are offered to members, but her favorite is still Zumba.  She enjoys being  able to add dance to her routine because it’s fun for her, and she always has such a great time with the other class  participants.  Regardless of which class she chooses to help her reach her fitness goals, she knows that she will be backed  up by talented and helpful instructors and friendly class participants.  That is what group fitness and Brickhouse are all  about – friends, fitness, and fun.  Jessica, understands the sense of community and support that comes with group  fitness classes.

When she isn’t busy bustin’ a move in Zumba or PILOXING at Brickhouse, she enjoys spending time with her only child  – a fur-baby!   Cocoa is a chocolate lab and has been in the family for a long time.  She also works in the pharmacy at CVS, and has been there for four years.  Jessica says that her friends and family are very important to her, and she always makes time to spend with them.  It might be a cookout or catching a movie, but they always have fun together.   

Fun, Fast Facts about Jessica:

If she could be an animal – “I would have to say duck for sure if I was an animal because they’re my favorite animal (when they’re babies especially) because they’re so cute & fluffy!!”

If she could be a flower – “If I was a flower I’d want to be a rose because my fave & because they are elegant in my eyes.”

If she could be a car – “If I were a car I would say a corvette (red) also because it’s my favorite & it always turns heads!”

When asked about her favorite thing about being a member at Brickhouse Cardio Club, Jessica responded with an answer that really emphasizes why working out with friends and in groups is successful for leading a healthy lifestyle.

“My favorite part about Brickhouse would be being included in a great family! Everyone here is amazing. It makes working out more enjoyable & always leaves me looking forward to the next classes I participate in!”

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