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We continue our series of featuring our awesome members with a Spotlight on Jen Alfman!

20150313_163809 Spotlight on Jen Alfman

Jen knew she needed a change in her life. As a single mom of two beautiful girls (6 and 9) she was at a point in her life where she was  just falling into a rut and was the largest she had been not pregnant.  Something had to change! She knew she has more energy when  she works out and is a happier person to be around.  Plus it’s important for her to be a good example for her children and teach them a  little about fitness. So she posted on Facebook that she was looking for a place that just had classes.  She didn’t need all the other free  weights and treadmills that other gyms had.  Two of her friends mentioned Brickhouse so she looked it up and realized that she actually  drives by it on the way to and from work everyday!

Jen tried out a few classes and decided to join because she needed a schedule.  She had tried working out at home and just couldn’t  seem to stick with it.  “I need a place to go for a class where I have checked in and I know people are counting on me to be there.  I have  committed myself to going everyday that I do not have my kids.  Financially, it just makes sense.” It sure does Jen! People who do  Group Fitness classes are more likely to stick with it, plus, you make friends and have fun.

Fitness, Fun & Friends!

Jen really likes Bodypump™… But Zumba® has grown on her! “I have never dealt with weights much and I surprise myself each week.  I was really against Zumba starting out.  I had tried it on the Xbox and hated it.  I decided to try it during the open house.  Now I love it.  It is so much fun and it really doesn’t matter if you are in step or not.”

What Jen loves about Brickhouse the most is that we know her name and the sense of community in our classes. Plus, if you need to take a break you can. No one tries to embarrass you or make you feel bad.

When Jen isn’t being a mom or working out she is an executive assistant for META Solutions, providing services to schools and municipalities in Ohio.  “This is a great place to work and they actually pay almost half of my membership as long as I was at the gym 8 times that month.  It’s a great wellness benefit.” Way to go META Solutions!

When relaxing Jen likes to just hang out with the kids and she’s looking forward to the warm weather to be able to sit out on her deck and soak in the sun.

Fun, Fast Facts about Jen:20140315_155716

If she could be an animal – “I would probably be a cat.  They just lay around without a care in the world.”

If she could be a flower – “I really like daylilies.  They come in all different colors and come back every year.  They are all around my house.”

If she could be a car – “I’m not really into cars.  Something reliable and not too flashy.”

Jen, like the rest of us, struggles with motivation and nutrition. One way to keep motivated is to come to Brickhouse right after work, no stopping at home!

“I know that if I go home it will be difficult for me to leave again.  Because of this, I try to go to the 5:30/5:45 class even if it’s not my favorite.  I have instructed Kris to get on me if she hasn’t seen me in a week.  I need someone to help me to stay motivated.”

You motivate us Jen! Keep up the great work!

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