Brickhouse Bloggin’ is proud to feature our member Kelsey Johnson!!!

11068796_10204379851803191_1608584142_nWhat first inspired you to begin working out in a group fitness atmosphere?

Honestly, I had never worked out in my life before; I was always busy and active throughout high school and college that by the time I graduated and started working I needed to find something I could enjoy. Working out at Brickhouse has been amazing because I don’t feel pressured by the people there. Everyone has different goals and we all want each other to reach them on our own terms; having members like that really motivates me to go to classes each week and try things I never thought I would try. It’s definitely nice to have positive people around to inspire you to work to be the best version of yourself.

What is your favorite type of group fitness class?

Currently, my favorite class is Bodyattack™. It’s high energy and I love how I feel afterwards! I also enjoy Piloxing, Bodypump™, and CXWORX™. I have yet to try a few classes but I look forward to giving them a shot!

What part of working out with other people help keep you motivated?

I love that each week I get to see familiar faces that have similar goals as me; we all want to improve. The fact that we can all work as a team but still do it at our own pace is refreshing. It’s almost feels like they are my motivation to show up each week.

Tell us about yourself!

I am currently single. I had made the decision recently that I want to be happy with myself and my appearance before I try to make anyone else happy. My main goal is to focus on improving myself and if I meet a great guy in the process, that’s just an added plus!

I currently work at Cass Information Systems. They are a third party invoice processor. I work in client relations. I sit at a computer most of my day or I’m carrying huge packages of bills to be processed. Working out has helped with my posture. It has also made lifting the heavy packages and carrying them much easier. Not to mention, I wear heels at least five days a week so working out has definitely made walking in them all day much easier as well.

What do you like to do in your downtime? Movies, books, go out to eat with friends?11049617_10204158698594499_1606822619799125974_n

In my down time I love fixing things, baking (nothing healthy though), being outside, sports whether its watching or playing. I am very close to my family and love hanging out with friends and going line dancing. I also enjoy traveling! I’m definitely meant for warmer weather!

If you could pick any animal to be what would you be? I would totally be a cat… If anyone knows me.. I love cats. And not in a omg I’m a cat lady way it’s more like cats just get to eat, sleep and be rubbed all day and when they don’t want you to touch them they just bite you.

If you could be a flower what flower would you be? If I could be a flower I’d be a sunflower, mainly because they are tall and pretty.

If you could be a car what car would be be? If I could be a car I’d be a Cadillac Ciel; it’s sleek and sexy.

What is your favorite part about working out at Brickhouse?

My favorite part about working out at Brickhouse is how I feel afterwards. While I may be sore, it’s the best kind of sore, and if I’m not sweating I wasn’t working hard enough!

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