Five whole years ago I joined @brickhouse_proctorville !! Five years ago I heard telling someone else, “ Walking through that door is the hardest part.” That stuck in my brain and continues to stick in my brain 5 years later❤️ I’m not perfect 5 years later …. I’m smaller yea but most of all I am healthy! The healthiest I’ve ever been. Being “skinny” isn’t the same as healthy. Being “perfect” isn’t the same as being healthy. Being consistent is healthy, making sure you drink your water everyday is healthy. Eating your fruits, veggies and proteins are healthy. Do I do this everyday absolutely freaking not 😬🙅🏻‍♀️ Do I stay mindful of what I’m doing ABSOLUTELY. 9/10 I will chose a healthier choice because that’s how my brain is now 😊 !! Here’s to another 5 years Brickhouse. 🤟💪

The instructors are so helpful, giving options for different fitness levels.  A serious Full - Body workout in under an hour. (calories burned while laughing count too.) I'm hooked for life! Love that you provide such an awesome environment, good choices, that keeps it fresh!        -----Donna

I love Brickhouse for the awesome instructors.... they are so good at what they do, giving options that everyone can do & making working out fun!  I also love that I can do a variety of different workouts not just the same thing all of the time. 

I really look forward to Brickhouse especially after a workday.  It's a laid back environment you can have fun in, as well as, geting in a great workout and achieving the results you want.           ------ Alisha
I first started out at Brickhouse in the first location, and from day one it's been like a family. I went from doing Zumba only to breaking out of my comfort zone and adding Strength classes as well.   I wouldn't have been able to do that without the support of the wonderful instructors. I can't beleive that's been 8 years ago. Now I am blessed to not only be a Member  but also a Zumba Sub.   I LOVE Brickhouse and I am so blessed to have everyone there for support. 

I LOVE Brickhouse. It's so clean and offers a wide variety of classes for all fitness levels.   ~~~ Melanie 

Wonderful place.  I never felt intimidated like I did at other gyms.   Amazing classes.  ~~ Adria 

Great Atmosphere & the trainers are there to support you every step of the way. ~~ Keith 

Great place to start and stay.  BH offers everything I need.   ~~ Rodney

I LOVE all of the classes at BH.  They are constantly helping us and being sure we are offered the best in Group Fitness classes. ~~ Monica