Meet our member Lindsay Friel!Lindsay Friel

Lindsay learned about Brickhouse Cardio Club Gahanna after seeing a post about it on Facebook! Zumba® Kids instructor – Kimberly Skeie liked our Facebook page before we opened so Lindsay came to the Grand Opening in January and loved it!

She joined Brickhouse for a couple of reasons. One reason was because she needed a gym after hers closed and this was close to where she lived and she felt she would be more prone to work out harder and more frequently with group fitness.

“I love that this is all group fitness!”

Her all-time favorite class is Bodypump™ of course! “I am enjoying feeling stronger and seeing my body change.” She’s recently been going to Body Attack and loves it too! It is a very intense workout, but it always makes her feel great after. She’s also trying to make CXWORX one of her favorites. Way to Go Lindsay!!

Lindsay is a second grade teacher in Groveport. She loves getting to talk to and work with children every day!

What do you like to do for fun?: I like to spend time with my friends and family for fun. We go shopping, out to eat, and to movies often. To relax, I love to read and workout. Both activities help me to unwind.

What is your favorite vacation spot?: My favorite vacation spot is the beach! I love getting up in the morning and walking the beach. Then, I can lay by the water and read all day!

If you could be an animal what would it be and why?: If I could be any animal, I would be a monkey. I think monkeys always look like they are happy and having fun. This is how to I try to live my life. They are also very strong. I am working on being more like that!

Lindsay loves how welcoming and friendly everyone is here!

“We are all on different levels and have different goals, but we are all encouraging and supportive of each other. I love how helpful and fun the instructors are also! They make coming to class fun!”

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