A Powerlifting Super Hero!

I ran across a website called Nerd Fitness today and read Staci’s Story and it is very inspiring and motivating!

This is a perfect story of how weight training for women is so great! While I don’t agree with all of the advice on this website (you can lose weight and get stronger doing high reps & lower weights) lots of what Staci did is great advice for anyone trying to get healthy!

Educate Yourself!: We try to help out with that at Brickhouse with our emails and blogs and if you ever have questions never hesitate to just ask!

Focus on Strength & Not Weight: As I’ve always said we, as women, cannot bulk up!! Read the entire Blog on Staci and look at her transformation.  This lady can deadlift 315 lbs!!

Join a Community of Support: We offer this in our Brickhouse Cardio Crew and in all of our classes and events. We are family and we all want everyone to succeed at creating a healthy and fit lifestyle!

Eat “Right”: I believe in eating clean at least 80% of the time, if not more. If you are working on increasing strength and feeling good you need to fuel your body and fuel it with nutrient dense food!

Track Your Workouts: Are you noting how much weight you are lifting and how many reps? How do you feel about each workout? Come and do the Bodypump™ Challenge and we’ll help you track your weights and progress! Use a small notebook to take notes after classes. In fact, schedule a consultation with us and as a thank you gift you will get a small planner (and other cool stuff) and then you can write down your workouts in your planner!

So CLICK HERE to read more about Staci and be prepared to get MOTIVATED!

During this time of year we set goals and look forward to achieving them. Don’t let your motivation die!


Here’s some Motivation to get you Moving on Monday!

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