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Indoor Cycling Tips and Tricks!

Prevent Pain, Get more Enjoyment and a Better Workout!

Since we started having Indoor Cycling classes at Brickhouse many of you have discovered what a great workout it is! It’s Cardio…It’s Strength…It’s Painful!

But it doesn’t have to be painful at all!

I’ve heard the comment over and over – I don’t like Cycling. It hurts my butt… It certainly may at first BUT it doesn’t have to!

In this article When Cycling Hurts Your Hoo-Ha, from Women’s Health, the author gives us several pointers and tips – many of which you’ve heard me say in class!

  • Ditch the Cushion Seat. We don’t use these so don’t go and waste your money on them.
  • Padded Shorts – these can help, but they can be pricey. You defnitely get what you pay for in cycling shorts… but these aren’t really needed.  I don’t use any padded shorts and I don’t have any pain “down there.”
  • ENGAGE YOUR CORE. YES!  This is my #1 Tip and I say it all the time.  Brace those abs and use your core to support you. It will help lift you off your seat.
  • Check your setup. We do this and I’ve helped some of you, but if you still think you need more help just let me know and I’ll be glad to help.

There are more tips in that article so read on and see what might help you.

This article from looks at 9 Indoor Cycling Mistakes and How to Fix Them! For those of you who have taken my class you’ll recognize many of these tips 🙂

  • Check your seat height – helps the knees and prevents early muscle fatigue
  • Check your handlebars – if you’re new to cycling keep the handlebars higher
  • Ride in the “right position” – back straight, head in-line with the spine… you get the idea.
  • Hips out over that seat when jogging
  • Cheating on resistance – we don’t do that do we???
  • Going to fast – stay with the beat
  • Pay attention to the beat – we got this one!
  • Wear the right gear – we always look good 🙂
  • Cutting out early – you need to make sure you stretch so don’t miss those last few minutes!

If you haven’t tried Indoor Cycling I highly recommend it. It’s a great Cardio and Strength workout. And for those of us with knee issues it’s a miracle! My knees have never felt better since I start cycling again. What do you think of cycline? Join the discussion over on our Facebook Page! Leave a comment and get an extra raffle ticket to win a free month!

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