Healthy, Happy Zumba Kids
By Nikki Lewis

There are days I regret ever providing my children with so many tools to rot their minds and bodies. I thought the well intentioned iPad would keep them out of my hair when I needed to get things done, and it has, but it has also enabled me to let them play on it for hours while I do what I want. Same thing with laptops, cell phones, and game consoles. I admit to it. I am guilty, and I know many other parents are as well. If this sounds like you, or if you’re just interested in learning about new ways to improve your child’s overall well-being, read on my friend.

The 411 on Zumba Kids
At Brickhouse Cardio Club Gahanna we are pleased to bring the children in the community Zumba Kids. Many people have heard of or tried regular Zumba, or big kid Zumba as we like to call it. This fun filled class is perfect for kids from 4-11 who looking to join the Zumba Party too. Many different aspects of this class will engage your pint-sized youngster in getting up, moving, and having a blast! Exercise is import for our kiddos, no doubt, but Zumba Kids will also foster a love of fitness at an early age that will grow with them. Trust me, trying to get a 13-year old to pick up an activity is much harder. Local resident, and Brickhouse Zumba Kid, Oneita gets so excited that when her Mom picks her up on class days that she shouts, “It’s Zumba night!” All of this fun is just $5 a class, and you have two times a week to get in on the action: Tuesday at 6:30 and Thursday at 5:30. Check out the full details here.

A Zumba Kid will also learn valuable skills in these key areas
• Leadership
• Coordination
• Cultural awareness
• Team Work
• Memory
• Creativity
In a normal class a Zumba Kid can expect
• Dancing
• Learning steps & routines
• Games & Activities
• Exploring new cultures

What Else Can I do?
In addition to bringing your child to Zumba Kids, there are other easy efforts we can make as parents to help improve the health of our tiny humans. Organized sports and lessons with competitions are great for some families, but they can be time intensive and not budget friendly for everyone. Keeping your youngster fit doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Below are some of my tips I’ve used for moving my monkeys as well as some suggestions from other great Moms out there working hard every day.

Tip 1-Just Dance and Zumba for game consoles
Okay. I know I said that these were evil, but you can put them to good use. My kids love to play just dance, and they love it more when I join in and play with them. Everyone doesn’t need a controller. All that matters is that everyone is moving. Don’t have these games? Have an at home dance party! Turn on some music, and let each person take a turn showing off a move and then put them all together. You’ll get a funky routine, a workout, and great memories!

Tip 2 – It’s Almost a Triathlon
Local Mom of two boys, and Brickhouse member, Melissa Humbert says that her kids love to swim and bike. Both activities are great examples of classic childhood fun and exercise that can typically be found for free. Just don’t forget your helmet! If we get these boys running, they could compete in a triathlon!

Tip 3 – The Cleaning Games
Teresa Heffernan gets the award for our most creative Mom. Teresa and her husband make a game out of challenging their two young children to quickly run to go pick things up off the floor. What a great way to tackle two jobs at once! She also likes to get the kids some play time when the weather isn’t go great by hitting the indoor areas at local malls.

Tip 4 – The Great In and Outdoors
Sondra Bryson, mother of a young lady with some pizazz, says her daughter enjoys the Nickelodeon Friends game available through the Wii fit. She commented that another trick up her sleeve is checking out the open bounce sessions at bounce house facilities. Many times there will be savings opportunities through groupon or livingsocial for these or similar activities.

The Big Picture & the Little Picture Too
At Brickhouse Cardio Club Gahanna we want you and your families to be happy and healthy. That is why Zumba Kids is one of our classes, but it isn’t all we do. Make sure you check out all that we offer to help keep Mom and Dad on the right fitness track too. Click here to travel to our homepage where you will learn all about the group fitness destination that is Brickhouse Cardio Club. Setting a good example for your kiddos is key to success as well. So let’s work together for stronger kids, a stronger community, and a stronger you.

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