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What keeps me coming back to GRIT is the challenge it brings, and the changes I’ve seen in my body overtime. Nothing is an instant fix but it has made the biggest change in me mentally and physically. I can’t imagine not doing it.
Leah (Grit Participant)
GRIT is by far the most challenging and rewarding workout I have ever done. I can feel myself getting stronger each week! There are certain moves that I have gone from using a modifier to doing without one. There is usually a point in each class where I feel I cannot keep going, but the coaches push me with encouraging words and I walk away feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and an adrenaline rush that makes me feel like super woman! For me, Grit has lived up the hype and it stands alone compared to any other workout I have tried.
Martina (Grit Participant)
I love the convenience of a 30 minute workout that has such intensity! AWESOME.e results I’m getting. I’m losing not only weight, but inches all over. The instruction can’t be beat. All of the trainers get in there WITH you and encourage everyone. The support is unbelievable. So happy to be a part of GRIT. I will definitely be in the fall session!
Johnna (Grit Participant)

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Grit is an intense 30 minute workout that you will do 2 times per week.

Monday & Wednesday at 7:00 pm


Why GRIT? Why GRIT from Brickhouse Fitness? We are the only gym in the tri-state that offers the original LES MILLS GRIT™ 6 WEEK TRAINING CLASS! GRIT will help you reach your goals FAST! No starving, No fad diet plans!! You do the work, make healthier food choices and YOU WILL SEE THE RESULTS!

Meet Angel… This is what 16 weeks can do when you take GRIT and make healthier food choices. I remember when

Angel came to me during her first 8 weeks and had reached a plateau. We looked at her workouts and her nutrition…. she needed to eat more! What? YES! REAL FOOD TO FUEL HER BODY!

Look at her! 👀 Look at the inches she as lost and the muscle she has gained. 💪

GRIT is scientifically proven to work! Every class that you take has been scientifically tested to help you reach a new level of fitness!

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Next 6 Week Session Starts January 11th

Monday & Wednesday – 7:00 pm

Early Bird Pricing : Members $125 per session, Non-Members $150 per session

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THE POWER OF EXPERTISE: Each workout has been carefully crafted and extensively tested by an expert team that includes a professor of kinesiology, a medical doctor and gymnastics champion, and leading sports physiotherapist. Safety, quality and effectiveness are assured.

THE POWER OF REST: Many HIIT workouts overlook a critical component – the rest interval. LES MILLS GRIT™ combines optimized rest periods with compound functional movements that maximize intensity and minimize joint loading.

THE POWER OF PEOPLE: Our world class training system empowers your LES MILLS GRIT™ coaches to create a highly addictive training atmosphere that no one wants to miss. Coaches receive exceptional training to ensure they provide a consistently safe and motivating workout experience.