By Nikki Lewis


Yesterday I took my first BODYATTACK™ group fitness class at Brickhouse Cardio Club in Gahanna. It is a Les Mills program, and like their other classes, this one was just as powerful. I’ll be honest. I expected to hate it. I thought I would survive it but not have any fun like I would in a Zumba class. I’d be praying for it to end.

I was wrong. Yep. I said that. Me, wrong? Indeed, I was.

First, the instructor was amazing. David Lee knew his stuff and made sure to always show modifications so that everyone could participate safely and at their level. I don’t like pushy Jillian Michael’s type of “motivating” instructors. I want to have fun when I’m gettin’ my ass whooped in an exercise class.

But the best part about David and the format of the class itself, was how much fun and interaction was built into that action packed hour! He made us laugh and had us do several activities where we all interacted while working out. A couple of instances reminded me more of elementary school recess than a fitness class. I felt free to be silly, and I think with so many stressful obligations in all of our lives that most of us could stand a little bit of acting silly.

The hour was concluding, and though I felt like I’d just taken a serious beat down, a little part of me wanted to do more. I was thinking possibly something that involved skipping or hopscotch.

I looked around, and the rest of the class looked totally psyched about what they just did. I had never seen so many people look happy after a workout. I’m a big believer that fitness should always be done with other people and that it must also be fun. I know myself well enough to know that if it is torturous or if I get bored that I won’t stick with it. BODYATTACK™ easily met both of my criteria. It’s actually all about The Three Fs – Friends, Fitness, and Fun.

If you’re thinking about getting in shape, or just looking for something new to add to your routine, visit us at Brickhouse Cardio Club Gahanna to try out this youthful yet challenging class. You’ll be glad you did.

Curious about this and other Les Mill classes that Brickhouse offers? Check out the details below, and I’ll see you in class.





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