At Brickhouse Cardio Club Proctorville we believe that every body needs to build Strength, burn Calories, strengthen the Heart and increase mobility and flexibility. And you don’t need to join multiple gyms to do that. This is why we offer you a well rounded program at Brickhouse where you can get it all.

Every week that you take a CARDIO, a STRENGTH and a CORE/FLEXIBILTY class, as well as attend classes on 3 different days* bring the card to the front and we will punch the circles on your reward card. When you’ve gotten 4 weeks completed (and they don’t have to be consecutive) turn your card in
and you will get 10% off your next month’s bill!

CARDIO exercise is great for burning calories and important
for your heart health. Zumba®, Rpm™, Sprint™, FIT, Grit™ Cardio,
Grit™ Plyo, Step, Bodycombat™

STRENGTH training builds lean muscle and helps with long-term
weight loss. Bodypump™, Muscle, FIT, Grit™ Strength, WOD

CORE strength is critical for building a strong body to create the
best platform for all other exercise. FLEXIBILITY reduces chances of injury, increases mobility and improves your posture. Bodyflow®, Yoga, Stretch, CXWORX™, FIT

*Sample Schedules:
Mon: Zumba & Bodyflow® or Yoga, Wed: Bodypump, Sat: Bodypump
Mon: RPM™, Wed: Muscle & CXWORX™, Thur: Bodycombat

You must take 75% of the class for the class to count toward the reward program.
Paid in Full Members wil receive credit on their account that can be applied toward merchandise purchases or future membership dues payments.
10% cannot be applied to Grit.

Click here to download a pdf of the Rewards program flyer.