by D. Lee Barkley

Never do I go to a class, the gym, for a run or do yoga and regret having gone. It’s only when I don’t go that I feel bad. Worse actually. Worse because my body knows the benefits of the endorphins. Worse because I know it always makes me feel better. Worse because I know I wanted to and I let myself stay stressed out and cranky.

There are some days where I am just not myself. Not the good version of myself anyway. Days where I over-react, react poorly, hold on to stress, you name it.

That’s all of us, right? We live in a tightly compressed society where being over-stressed, over-worked and over-busy is a status symbol. We also work more as a nation than most others. More households than not have both parents working if both parents are present. Life is complex for most to say the least! We are highly connected yet have relatively no time for ourselves. In my daily commute I see everyone looking at their smart phones at stop lights.

Where is the time for simplicity? Think it doesn’t exist? It does. Its at the gym. Its in class. This time strengthens and cleanses the body with exercise while clearing the mind.

Especially on your most stressed days, you must go to your class or your gym. Just commit to it and do it. Don’t consider it optional. Don’t go because of a penance you must fulfill. Don’t go because you feel ugly or over-weight. Go because your body deserves it. Go because you will FEEL BETTER. You WILL feel better and you know it.

Simply put, its like maintenance for your car. It really is required.

Each time you go, it will build momentum and you will begin to reap the benefits even outside of the gym.

Just go and re-dscover the better version of yourself. The you that’s buried under the stress.

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