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An excerpt from the Les Mills Knowledge Site

A recent study from Penn State University found a way to keep the aging process at bay and it’s by doing BODYBALANCE™ (Bodyflow®).

“A recent Penn State University study found that people who committed to three Bodyflow® classes a week (for 12 weeks) significantly improved their body composition, core strength, balance, and flexibility; all markers for someone’s biological age.

So bring some yoga into your life and try a few of the poses:

Downward Dog

The shape you ultimately want to achieve when you do the downward dog is an A-frame structure. Your wrists and your heels should be the lowest point, and your tailbone should be the highest point.

Warrior 2

Face the front and step feet wide into this position by turning your toes on your left foot to the left wall. Your right foot should still face the front and you need to square your hips to the front. Bend your right knee and make sure it is stacked over your ankle but keep your left leg straight. Read More…

Half Cow-Faced Pose

Start in a seated position, pick up your right leg and cross it over your left leg. Try to have your knees perfectly stacked which means one directly on top of the other, keeping your heels at equal distance from each hip.  Read More…

Eagle Pose Twist Setup

Start in a standing pose with both knees slightly bent. Lift up your left foot and while balancing solely on your right foot, cross it over: left thigh over the right. Point your left toe towards the floor and then try and tuck the top of the foot behind the lower right calf. Read More…

Bodyflow® is a great way to get a regular dose of yoga.”

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