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Winning the Fight Against Yourself

Great Advice from Sparkpeople.com…. Read the full article here!

We can pretty much talk ourselves into AND out of most things! So when you are fighting with yourself to get up and go work out, or to lace up your shoes and hit the gym, how do you win the fight?

We all struggle with this – even I do! Yes, I don’t always love working out. But I always appreciate myself when I do it and I’ve never regretted any workout I’ve ever done.

In this article on Sparkpeople, author Jason Anderson gives us a peek into how he wins his fight against himself….

“We all know how important exercise is to our health. We all know we should be doing it but we allow ourselves “outs” with what we consider justifiable excuses. You can excuse yourself out of anything if you keep listening to yourself long enough. You can let those rationalizations make sense if you try. But I have come to a personal conclusion a motto of sorts:

I will do what I need to do in order to do what I want to do.

I want to be healthy for a long time. I’ve got a long list of reasons why. I like to feel good and feel good about myself. I like the way exercise and eating well make me feel. I want to be around to spend a long healthy lifetime with my wife. I want to wrestle with my kids and laugh and play and see them grow up and maybe even give me grandkids and great-grandkids one day! I want to be in the “90 and up” age category in the local 5K! I will do what I need to do (exercise and eat right) in order to do what I want to do (live a full life).

I’ll tell you something I don’t want though. I don’t want to cheat myself out of precious time because I didn’t do the things I should have to live that long life. I don’t want to rob my wife or kids of years they could have with me. I don’t want to stare at the ceiling in a hospital room one day thinking

“I wish I would have taken better care of myself and not allowed this to happen.”

This all really hits home to me as I watched my mom have a very poor quality of life for her last 30 years of living because of health problems. Health problems that could have been eliminated with proper diet and nutrition, but she never made that a priority in her life.

Create the life you want! Be here to enjoy your children and you grandchildren for years to come!

How do you win the fight against yourself? If you want extra motivation and accountability we are all here to help. Jump into the conversation on Facebook, join the studio if you aren’t a member yet, get active in our private Facebook group if you are a member. We are in your corner and will help you win the battle!

Read the full article here!

During this time of year we set goals and look forward to achieving them. Don’t let your motivation die!

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