Sparkling Unicorns
Sparkling Unicorns

Find Your Prancing Unicorn By Nikki Lewis


Nike Studio Wraps

I hope by now that you have had an opportunity to check out at least one of our amazing classes. I say this because they are, indeed, amazing and probably full of sparkles too.  Personally I haven’t checked out Piloxing yet, but this is only because it is typically done barefoot. Due to my delicate bone structure in my frankenfeet, (this would be my overly large forefoot with a tailor’s bunion that makes being barefoot painful) I am waiting to try this class when I get some of those foot wrap shoes. If you too are interested in a pair of these, I have some information posted down below on where you can get some great deals on them.


So you’ve checked out a few classes. Hopefully you’re a member by now.  Maybe you’re thinking about joining or wondering what makes us different at Brickhouse.  There’s a whole lot of reasons to join and list as long as your arm as to why we’re different.  I’ll try to focus on the important ones that keep in check with our values since this is a blog, and I’m not standing here with a quill and a scroll.


Have you noticed how it is as high or low pressure as you want it to be?  We want you to challenge yourself and work hard but work at YOUR level.  Fitness is fun, but it’s no fun if you can’t move the next day.  Everyone wants you to have a challenging, fun, and safe workout.  Speaking of a challenge, watch out for a little contest we will be starting soon to challenge our members in an epic battle!  Okay, so there won’t be an epic battle, but there will be a challenge.

Fun & Friends

Do you notice that people are always talking?  It can feel intimidating getting to know a new crowd, but we really are one big family so never be afraid to join right in a conversation.  When I started going back to classes, I was so scared because I didn’t know anyone but the instructor. I actually hid in a bathroom until class started, and believe me that isn’t a great place to hang out for more than about 30 seconds. You over hear way too many conversations! I very quickly learned how nice and friendsandfitnesswelcoming everyone was, but I had to open my mouth and talk a little first.  Our members care about each other and many have formed bonds outside of the studio.  How many gyms have you joined where the owner or other members have picked you up for your workout because the car wouldn’t start? Nuff said.


Did I mention fun?  We like to have fun and make our workouts a party with our friends, especially with that Zumba!  We have fantastic instructors that make some of those challenging classes less painful with their sparkling personalities. I like to say you are getting entertainment and exercise for the price of one!  We also have exciting events planned.  Our first, back to back master classes in Zumba and Insanity is in March and listed on our events page.


New Fitness Friends!

If you struggle there is always a seasoned member or instructor to help you or listen.  No matter your journey a good portion of it is mental, and sometimes a good pep talk or someone to listen can get you back on track.  If you are struggling with your form, talk to your instructor to ensure you are doing each exercise properly to avoid injury.  They can make suggestions for modifications as well or let you know if you need to adjust your weight.


Something for Everyone

We have classes of every variety in an effort to reach all fitness levels and interests.  You’ll see classes listed on our schedule from time to time as “trial.”  This is how we try out new fitness formats to see how our members like them.  If you see something missing that you think everyone might like, feel free to pass the suggestion along.  No guarantees we will get it, but we can always research it!  You can look for Red Warrior later this year in the spring or summer.

Brickhouse Cardio Club Gahanna came from someone’s desire to open a fitness studio that was a fun place for people to be active, make friends, and achieve fitness goals with a support system.  This place was created for all of you.  It isn’t going to be a magical land with unicorns prancing about, but it is darn near close with the disco ball!  Point being, we think it’s pretty awesome and hope you do to.  We would be honored if you invite your family and friend’s into YOUR studio and share with others the fitness oasis that you’ve discovered.

The Deals

As always, your comments and questions are welcome and can be sent to any of the following contacts:

Owner & Instructor

Kris Chick


189 W. Johnstown Rd., Suite A
Gahanna, OH 43230


David Chick


189 W. Johnstown Rd., Suite A
Gahanna, OH 43230

Assistant Manager

Nikki Lewis


189 W. Johnstown Rd., Suite A
Gahanna, OH 43230

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