By Nikki Lewis A Review of BODYATTACK™ Yesterday I took my first BODYATTACK™ group fitness class at Brickhouse Cardio Club in Gahanna. It is a Les Mills program, and like their other classes, this one was just as powerful. I’ll be honest. I expected to hate it. I thought I would survive it but not…

By Lee Barkley There are times in everyone’s life when we get stuck. Sometimes it’s because of anxiety, doubt, emotion, unease that cause a sort of inertia. Sometimes there is just an inability to move forward in any area of life. At times like this, any decision big or small can be hard to make….

By Nikki Lewis  Imagine what it might be like if everything around you suddenly felt like it was moving. I don’t mean a little dizzy or lightheaded either. I mean feeling like every step that you take feels wrong.  Feeling like your center of gravity is gone and like something else is moving your body…

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