Twelve Gifts sure to fill your heart with JOY!

Give yourself the gift of gratitude. Choose to be grateful for both the good times and the setbacks. You will benefit from the strength and character that develops.

Give yourself the gift of determination. Have the conviction to relentlessly pursue your goals.  Don’t stop until your dreams become your reality.

Give yourself the gift of forgiveness. You’ll have greater freedom when you release the negative emotions from past offenses.

Give yourself the gift of resilience. Winning is important but if you are to truly succeed, it’s about the number of times you are willing to get back on your feet after you fall.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes.  If you never make a mistake you might never find what works.  The difference between a success and a failure is what you learn.

Give yourself the gift of adapting to change. You don’t climb Mt. Everest in one giant leap to the top. The ascent is mastered by taking each step one at a time.  Accept change; it’s the norm. Progress is impossible without it.

Give yourself permission to learn.  Learning involves an ability to ask the right questions. Recognize when you don’t know something and invest in the opportunity to gain new insight.

Give yourself the gift of persistence.  The results you want may not be instantaneous. Stick to it!  Rome wasn’t built in a day; you can always find a way to lay another brick.

Give yourself the gift of rest.  Rest is the absence of motion. Stop. You’ll have at your disposal a powerful tool to refocus, recharge and get re-energized.

Give yourself permission to enjoy the journey. The outcome of whatever you are doing is less important that the experiences you gain along the way.

Give yourself the gift of time. Time is free but it’s priceless.  You can’t own it but you can use it.  Choose carefully how you invest it. Once you spend it you can never get it back.

Give yourself the gift of planning.  If you believe planning isn’t important, try building a house without a blueprint.  Understand that plans don’t work unless you do.122715_1531_20.jpg

Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Us!

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