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To Succeed – Write Down Your Fitness Goals!

“It must be borne in mind that the tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach” – Benjamin E Mays

We all have goals, hopes, and dreams. We all want to achieve these goals but to do so we need to make sure we have good goals and that we write them down!

Most of the time our goals are something like this:

  • I want to be fitter
  • I want to look better
  • I want to tone up
  • I want to be able to run

Those are great goals, who doesn’t want all of those? But they aren’t very specific. You don’t know when you’ve achieved your goals.

These following goals are a bit more specific:

  • ‘I want to look better’ for my friend’s 40th birthday in 10 weeks.
  • I seen a really nice dress that I want but it looks silly on me because of my shape, ‘I want to look better’ in that dress in 8 weeks for a night out with my friends.
  • My butt is way too big and my arms need a lot of attention, I think the shape around my shoulders and upper back is good, ‘I want my butt and arms to look better’ for my holiday in 16 weeks.

So how do we accomplish those goals?? We set mini-goals that will help us achieve our bigger, measurable, goals:

  • Take a class at least 3-4 times per week
  • Make little daily changes to your nutrition, this will help support your fat loss
  • Fit into that dress 2 sizes smaller
  • Wear the dress freely and with confidence

This is what you want from a goal, you want a clear outline of exactly what you want to achieve in a given time. The main part of a goal is having a realistic time so that you can reach it safely and effectively without compromising your health.

I often witness people setting unrealistic goals just because they want something to happen quickly and they do it all wrong. They set themselves up for failure from the start. This is part of the society we live in today people want a quick fix all the time, they are not prepared to look at the bigger picture.

What usually happens when people set unrealistic goals?

Failed or mediocre results and you tend to end up being worse off than when you started.

When writing out your goals you should use the SMART principle to help you:

SMART Goals symbol

S- Specific Set specific goals e.g. If you want to improve your squat numbers then squat everyday.

M- Measurable Make sure you can measure your goals e.g. lose 10lbs, drop 3 dress sizes, lose 5 inches…

A- Achievable One of the most important things to remember when setting your goals is to make sure they are achievable.

R- Realistic No point in setting yourself up for failure at the start e.g. 36 lb loss in 3 days, not happening!

T- Timed You have to give yourself a certain time frame to complete you goals.

Starting in January (or sooner if my order comes in quickly) every member will receive a planner and we can sit down and help you with setting goals and getting the right program to help you achieve them. We will create a personalized 6 week progam and members who complete their program will receive a gift from us at Brickhouse.

So let’s start thinking about your goals. What goals do you have now? Join the discussion over on our Facebook Page! Share your goals and get a raffle ticket to win a free month!

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