Wednesday Wisdom Healthy Living Tips and Tricks from your friends at Brickhouse! Indoor Cycling Tips and Tricks! Prevent Pain, Get more Enjoyment and a Better Workout! Since we started having Indoor Cycling classes at Brickhouse many of you have discovered what a great workout it is! It’s Cardio…It’s Strength…It’s Painful! But it doesn’t have to…

By Nikki Lewis  Imagine what it might be like if everything around you suddenly felt like it was moving. I don’t mean a little dizzy or lightheaded either. I mean feeling like every step that you take feels wrong.  Feeling like your center of gravity is gone and like something else is moving your body…

By Nikki Lewis  Fear can keep you from becoming the best version of yourself and living a completely fulfilled life. As humans, we are programmed to have a natural fear response if we feel threatened or in danger, like if we’re being chased by a bear. We understand fight or flight, but many people struggle…

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