What is SilverSneakers?

SilverSneakers is a comprehensive program that improves overall well-being, strength and social aspects. Designed for all levels and abilities, this program is generally provided by your health plan at no additional cost. SilverSneakers provides access to fitness equipment, group exercise classes, social networking, online education and a sense of community. With more than 13,000 locations nationwide, you can visit any one of our locations at any time. If you are new to exercise, don’t worry, nearly half of our members had never been to a fitness location before joining SilverSneakers! Remember to wear comfortable shoes and loose-fitting clothing, and bring your member ID card to get started.
Not sure if you’re eligible? We can check for you.* Click here.

SilverSneakers Classes are offered:

SilverSneakers Classic: Monday & Wednesday 10:30 am

SilverSneakers Circuit: Friday 10:30 am

SilverSneakers Chair/Beginner Yoga: Friday 11:15 am

And as a SilverSneakers member you can take any class at Brickhouse Fitness you want! As many a day as you’d like!

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